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An exodraft flange is placed underneath the chimney fan, producing a safe and stable transition between fan and chimney.

  • Vibration dampers
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Option to order different sizes
TypeChimney Width (Internal Diameter)DimensionFor Chimney Fan
FR1 - Square flange125, 150, 175, 200 mm272 x 272 mmRSV009, RSV160
FR2 - Square flange125, 150, 160, 175, 200, 250 mm310 x 310 mmRSV012, RSV200, RS009, RS255
FR3 - Square flange150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 350 mm395 x 395 mmRSV014, RSV250, RS012, RS014, RS285
FR4 - Square flange200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm500 x 500 mmRSV016, RSV315, RS016, RSV400, RSV450
FR2-02 - Octagonal flange150, 160, 200 mm310 x 310 mmRS009-02
FR3-02 - Octagonal flange150, 200 mm395 x 395 mmRS012-02
  • Flange FR1
  • Flange FR2
  • Flange FR2-02
  • Flange FR3
  • Flange FR3-02
  • Flange FR4
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Cover plates

Cover plates from exodraft allows you to cover the soundproofing rockwool mat under the chimney fan for a more aesthetically pleasing look while protecting it from weather influences and animals.

The cover plate also comes with an insert sleeve for mounting a temperature sensor, if you have an exodraft control unit with temperature monitoring.

  • Allows you to cover the soundproofing rockwool mat under the chimney fan
  • FRxAFD versions are intended for use on steel chimneys with one of our corresponding FR flanges.
  • FRxAFD-001 versions are intended for use on brick / masonry chimneys and can be placed directly on the chimney with a layer of mineral wool between.
TypeL x W x H (mm)ø Dia (mm)MaterialRAL colour
FR1AFD252 x 252 x 35197Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR1AFD-001252 x 252 x 24.5197Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR2AFD322 x 322 x 35247Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR2AFD-001322 x 322 x 24.5247Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR3AFD407 x 407 x 35347Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR3AFD-001407 x 407 x 24.5347Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR4AFD512 x 512 x 35397Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
FR4AFD-001512 x 512 x 24.5397Galvanised steel7021 (black grey), brilliance 20
  • Cover plate
  • Cover plate FR1AFD
  • Cover plate FR2AFD
  • Cover plate FR3AFD
  • Cover plate FR4AFD
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Relay Box

EBC24 control relay box.

When more than a couple of boilers are attached to a chimney, a relay box can be applied to as much as four boilers.

If you require more than a quartet of boilers, you can connect an extra pair of relay boxes. A total of eight boilers can be controlled for each EBC24

  • Relay box ES12-EU-01
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Frequency Converters

The frequency inverters – or variable speed drives (VSD) – are used for regulating the speed of the chimney fans with three-phase motors.

All CFIR inline fans have special EC (electronically controlled) motors that can only be regulated by using a frequency inverter. The inverters are used in combination with the controllers EBC22/24 or the manual controller Pot S.

All FRK frequency inverters are pre-programmed with a unique software tested and designed to suit each fan.

  • Frequency converter FRK-030
  • Frequency converter FRK-031
  • Frequency converter FRK-032
  • Frequency converter FRK-033
  • Frequency converter FRK-034
  • Frequency converter FRK-035
  • Frequency converter FRK-036
  • Frequency converter FRK-037
  • Frequency converter FRK-040
  • Frequency converter FRK-041
  • Frequency converter FRK-042
  • Frequency converter FRK-043
  • Frequency converter FRK-044
  • Frequency converter FRK-045
  • Frequency converter FRK-046
  • Frequency converter FRK-047
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Additional Mounting Accessories

When pairing our chimney fan with original exodraft accessories, you take comfort in knowing that everything will operate as they should, and will for another 2 to 3 decades.

We provide the following chimney fan mounting accessories:

  • Protection from rain
  • Covers for steel chimneys and masonry chimneys
  • Vibration damper that tones down the vibration flow from the chimney fan to the chimney/building
  • Mandatory maintenance switch (for turning off the current for maintenance/cleaning purposes)
  • Screws for stable and safe chimney fan mounting
  • Isolation switch (REP-AFB)
  • Isolation switch (REPSW2x16)
  • Anti vibration bolts SVD-RS
  • Rainshield RSV
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