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Get more enjoyment out of
your fireplace

Get more enjoyment
out of your fireplace

An exodraft chimney fan lets you enjoy your fireplace again. Easy lighting, faster heating and healthier indoor climate in the living room are just some of the benefits.

500,000+ Chimney Fans Distributed Since 1957

Major benefits with an exodraft chimney fan system

With a chimney fan from exodraft you get optimum draught in your chimney. experience easy lighting and control your heat easily

More comfort

exodraft chimney fan increases comfort:
Easy to light fire. Easy to control heat. No blackening of stove glass.

A chimney fan increases the combustion efficiency. Use 15% less wood

More efficient

exodraft chimney fan increases efficiency:
15% less wood is needed.

exodraft chimney fans reduces the number of particles and gives you a better indoor climate

Less particles

exodraft chimney fan reduces particles by:
80% indoor. 20% outdoor.

chimney fans from exodraft are co2 friendly, because of a lower wood consumption

CO2 friendly

exodraft chimney fan is CO2 friendly:
Wood/biomass is considered CO2-neutral if trees are replanted.

Control your chimney fan with a wireless control.

Easy control

exodraft chimney fan is easy to use:
Wireless versions. Auto turn off/on.

Exodraft chimney fans are easy to install.

Easy to install

exodraft chimney fan is easy to install:
Optimal draught regardless of weather conditions.

The Chimney Fan System

Illustration of chimney fan mounted on top of a chimney

An exodraft chimney fan system consists of a chimney fan combined with a control to regulate the speed, which puts you in control of the chimney draught.

The chimney fan is easy to mount on top of the chimney and can be opened for cleaning and maintenance.

An exodraft fan is reliable, quiet in operation and built to last for a long time. Our fans tolerate constant temperatures up to 250 ℃.

exodraft provides solutions for all purposes, from stove flue fans, to boiler exhaust fans, and everything in between, to ensure that you are getting the perfect flame every single time.

Lighting the fire without hassle

With an exodraft chimney fan system, you always have control of the chimney draught regardless of the weather conditions or other influencing external factors.

Since the fire takes hold much quicker, fewer particles escape into the atmosphere, which is for the benefit of both the environment and you.

Advantages of installing an exodraft chimney fan:

  • Our fans tolerate constant temperatures up to 250 ℃.
  • Cleaner combustion and improved fuel economy
  • Healthier indoor climate
  • Fast and easy lighting of the fire
  • No smoke or odours inside your house
  • Prevents condensation in the chimney
  • Reduces the risk of chimney fires significantly

The simple solution

With an exodraft flue fan system, you are able to regulate the chimney draught according to your needs, providing you with the optimal chimney draught even before you light the fire.

This gives you more time to enjoy the full comfort of a warm fireplace or wood burning stove.

The chimney fans are intended for open and closed fireplaces and fit both brick stack and twin wall steel chimneys.

Installing an exodraft inline exhaust fan is a simple procedure offered by your nearest fireplace/stove showrooms or HETAS registered installer.

A chimney fan removes 80% of smoke particles

A 2014 study by a well known danish technological institute shows that an extractor fan removes 80% of the smoke particles that would otherwise end up in your home.

The result is a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.


  • My woodburning stove has started to smoke

    You may not have had any problems previously with your fireplace or woodburning stove, but something may have changed:

    • Have you purchased a new stove?
    • Have you got a new, efficient fume hood?
    • Have you got a ventilation system?
    • Has anything in the area of the house increased in height: such as a neighbour’s tree, a higher roof pitch, a new loft?
  • What is a chimney fan?

    A chimney fan is an electric fan for high temperatures.

    It is fitted onto the chimney and ensures that your fireplace, fire or woodburning stove receives enough air to burn all day cleanly and without any problems.

    The chimney fan creates a negative pressure in the chimney, eliminating the problems experienced when lighting solid fuel fires.

    • Soot and smoke odours in the room
    • Allergic reactions to wood smoke
    • Sooty stove doors
  • Where is the chimney fan located?

    A chimney fan is positioned on the top of the chimney and ensures the right draught for the fire or woodburning stove. If you have a brick chimney, you can conceal the chimney fan.

    The chimney fan is electric and is controlled from inside the house.

    The control unit is installed in the most practical location for you.

  • How does a chimney fan work?

    A chimney fan creates a negative pressure in the chimney.

    When the chimney fan is switched on, a draught is created in the chimney and the fire burns cleanly and without smoking.

    Watch this film from our laboratory, in which the chimney fan is switched on after 35 seconds.

    The laboratory test is performed with an RSV009 chimney fan and EW41 control unit.

  • The chimney draught should be natural

    Shortness of breath

    Natural chimney draught is a thing of the past and has been since we began to draughtproof our homes, build low-energy houses and use fume hoods.

    It’s a battle for air in the draughtproof house, and the woodburning stove or fireplace is often short of breath.

    Catch your breath again

    At exodraft we want to help your fireplace to breathe so that it is easy to light and you avoid sooty odours and smoke in the room.

    In return, you get to decide when draught is needed in your chimney and how much.

    Put the remote control for your chimney fan next to the remote control for your TV and enjoy letting your fire take care of itself again.

  • What risks are there with a chimney fan?

    The chimney fan must be cleaned

    The law states that you must have your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep, but the chimney sweep is not required by law to clean the chimney fan. It is up to you, therefore, to ensure that the chimney fan is cleaned at least once a year so as to keep the flue clear on your chimney.

    Reduced risk: No birds in the chimney

    An exodraft chimney fan prevents birds or dirt from getting into the chimney and blocking it, causing smoke to escape into the home.

  • Why aren’t chimney fans more widespread?

    You might say “I’ve never seen one” when you hear about the exodraft chimney fan. That doesn’t matter to us. We manufacture chimney fans not for them to be seen, but for them to work.

    Look up next time you’re out for a stroll and you’re sure to see a number of exodraft chimney fans on chimneys on your way.

  • Tall chimney or chimney fan?

    Often, you can replace a long chimney with a chimney fan.

    The fan sends smoke into the air and keeps the exhaust gases and particles away from the roof and your neighbor.

    The exodraft fan solution is much easier.

    Tall chimney or chimney with an exodraft chimney fan mounted on top
  • Increased energy utilisation?

    The exodraft chimney fan system maintains a constant draught in the flue.

    The control unit and chimney fan coordinate the draught to the boiler and ensure that individual boiler efficiency is always in balance with that of the environment.

    Best possible draught = complete consumption of the fuel. This gives big economic advantages.

  • What happens in stormy weather?

    Placement of the chimney fan

    A correctly installed chimney fan cannot fall down. The weight of the chimney fan itself, a steel wire and the angle brackets or flange hold the chimney fan in position on the top of the chimney, even in very stormy weather. A steel wire also ensures that the chimney fan cannot fall when it is opened for cleaning and maintenance.

    Effect on the draught

    The effect that the wind can have on the draught in the flue is offset by adjustment of the chimney fan.

    • If a manual control unit is used, the speed of the fan can be increased.
    • If the chimney fan is connected to the EBC20 constant pressure regulator, the system adjusts the speed of the chimney fan itself to maintain a constant draught in the chimney.
  • Noises from the fan

    The high construction quality of the fan and the uniquely balanced, high quality ball bearings ensures an extremely quiet solution.

    You might still hear a slight hiss due to the very air that moves in the flue pipe.

    Is the sound in any way bothersome, contact exodraft.

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Exodraft - Your supplier of chimney fans

exodraft is a Danish owned company that has for over 60 years developed, manufactured and sold chimney fans to control chimney draught.

With sales in more than 40 countries and the best product range on the market, exodraft is the world leader in solutions for mechanical chimney draught and heat recovery from flue gas/process heat.


Not only does an exodraft system provide a healthier indoor climate and cleaner combustion, it also significantly reduces the risk of chimney fires.

exodraft chimney fans are the safest way to keep your home thriving at its happiest and healthiest.


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